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About Us

Kraton Music Publishing & Arts, a business firm lawfully registered in Singapore, was registered as RebelFM back in 2010. The company decided to change the name to Kraton Music Publishing & Arts (KMPA) in August 2015.

Music is passion until you step into the recording studio and putting the song out for public consumption, it becomes a product to be marketed. It's business. It was once indeed your passion but now it becomes a business, big or small. And in business, you have to have the right marketing tool and strategy. 

With the rapid evolution of technology in this age, it can be quite a rush to keep up with the times and here we are to render our professional services to suit your music and business needs as your publisher to manage the administration to your works ranging from its production stage to its commercial publication; to claiming of your royalties, reproduction and mechanical rights.

Kraton Music Publishing & Arts also aims to provide leverage to Singapore's talented individual to showcase their talent without forsaking the artistes' business prospect.

We did rounds of gigs and events such as Soundclash 1, 2 and 3, Rockin' The Hood 1 & 2, Free To Be and In Solidarity among others include a charity marathon, Wake The Bull Run. The team was also responsible for Gagasan, a series of monthly gigs for two consecutive seasons, which saw many top Singaporean malay artists.

Apart from music publishing and events, we are also a music production company that provides professional multi-track recording services with experienced producers, songwriters and music arranger. We also provide a jamming room for your rehearsal sessions. We also deal in online music distribution on all major online stores worldwide


Kraton Music Publishing & Arts provides excellent service to our musicians and artistes and quality products by applying revolutionary concepts to present day traditional methods of the media entertainment industry.


At Kraton Music Publishing, we aim to provide music related services that allow our local artistes and musicians to flourish and mature through brand marketabilty and to empower songwriters their rights to benefit from their work and music.


Revolutionary. Empowerment. Brilliance. Evolutionary. Leverage.


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