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Market Your Own Music


The marketing of your music is an ongoing requirement. Most people would think that the marketing process should only start when you’re about to release your next album or single and end before you start working on your next project. This is not exactly true and you should begin to market as soon as you have a good level of talent to promote. While marketing will depend on what exactly you have to promote and what else you have to serve to larger audience, marketing should also be an ongoing process for as long as you’re inspired to become a successful musician.

Globally, the music business has taken quite a plunge. Nowadays, even international artistes are not doing well in selling their song by means of any physical copies, maybe with an exception to Adele's '25' which broke records. With the world being so well-connected, Internet has taken over almost in many major aspects of globalisation and by introducing the power of Internet here, putting up your songs on iTunes hoping for your audience to purchase downloads for your songs could be almost impossible now. Music streaming is now becoming more popular and appeal more to the ever moving current generation instead of the 'endangered' trend of music download. And even so, with the popularity of subscribed streaming (eg. iTunes is supposedly to have 10 million subscribers while Spotify was rumoured to have 25 million under their belt and overall sales skyrocketed to US$7 billion), many still prefer to save their loose change and listen to free music streaming such as ad-supported YouTube and other streaming website or social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Today almost everyone own a smartphone with good built-in cameras and speaker devices, with the advantage of a stable Internet connection and the proper apps, you can always provide live music for public consumption and even do bite size promos, interviews and even snippets of your product. Next is to put them up on relevant social websites and blast it online.And with your videos garnering over 100,000 views, it does not translate to real authentic support and buyers but you still can have some remuneration from the views via ads like YouTube Ads, Sponsor Advertising and Affiliate Advertising. But being a musician, you will still want to have at least some sales from your music.

Music marketing consumes a lot of time and energy to do it alone that can lead to much slower progress and frustration. Instead of doing it alone, you should get others involved with the promotion process! But you're new to the music scene and it's tough getting someone who is willing to help you out. It'a a common phase. You won’t get much help when you’re a new independent musician but you might get lucky getting help from a friend or a family member who likes your music but other than that, don’t rely on record labels or fans to help you promote your music. Learn to market your music and increase your status in order to progress forward. It’ll become a lot easier to get people to help you push your music further once you put in the effort to start the ball rolling and proved that you're very hardworking and positive in getting into the right track.