Age is an advantage for Inflake

He started his interest in music production when he was 13 years old on Garageband on his iPhone 5 and it blossomed from there. Inflake, at 15 years old, became the youngest songwriter and artiste for KMPA when he released his debut album, A Distant Memory in March 2019 and the response from his friends and fans of EDM around the world was simply amazing and inspired him to create more. He is also one of KMPA’s most aggressively progressive songwriter in the music production department. He went on to co-produced more work with several music enthusiasts and engineers including with his brother Rahmat Damansari for Rahmat Damansari's debut single, You & Me.

In August that year, the young man was turning 16 when he decided to drop his first single since the album. The song, For You became an instant favourite among EDM enthusiasts and even went on to have its own EP release filled with 5 remixes from independent international DJs and producers at the end of the year 2019 which included Vinzere who had worked with major EDM artist San Holo's label, Bitbird before. This became a huge milestone for Inflake and evidently, more people started following his IG and subscribed to his YouTube channel. 

On Halloween that year, in October, Inflake released Witchcraft, another single and a treat to go along with the festive. Since the releases of For You and Witchcraft, many saw the music maturity in Inflake as he rose among the ranks and built his network which he made to good use like starting a podcast programme and featured EDM artistes such as Myrne and Duumu. If before this, he was on the newspaper together with his family of musicians, sharing experiences, it was during this period too that he got his full page article on the newspaper, Berita Harian, where he talked about his motivation to do music seriously at a very young age and also shared his personal stories. His work, For You was also positively reviewed by Singapore's Hear65sg. 

On 14th of February 2020, Valentine's Day, Inflake dropped another bomb with a collaboration work with American independent artiste, Noahheim. It's called Your Love. This song was aired on Singapore's radio station, Ria 89.7fm. Given the genre of his songs, it is a challenge for EDM to be on pop-dominated mainstream radio but he did it. This song was also reviewed by Myrne and Duumu on two separate occasions and both mentioned about how Inflake have matured in terms of his songwriting and technicality in his production. Myrne even went on to highlight about how Inflake beat the odd by applying a certain technique to his snares/beats for the single, Your Love. 

The year 2020 will surely be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic but for Inflake and his network of international friends, it is also a year to remember of their first collaboration in organizing and hosting an online 8-hours electronic dance music fest, Nolence Festival on Twitch.TV. This was the brainchild of Inflake with the support of his group of musician friends. The event was a success of its own. Given his age, he can afford to do more and to provide his best from the lessons he is learning along the road.

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Rahmat Damansari was crowned winner of StereoSearch 2019

It was a euphoric moment for the then 18 year old singer songwriter, Rahmat Damansari when his name was announced as the champion at StereoSearch 2019 Grand Finals held at Suntec City Convention Centre last December. The year 2019 was indeed a positive and progressive year for him.

The string of events kicked off in January when he was among the finalists in the Grand Finals of NYP Jam 2019. Although he didn't bag home the title, he won the hearts of new fans and friends. Subsequently after that, he was invited to perform for a Hari Raya Aidilfitri variety programme on YouTube organized by Voz Management and supported by a few other local production company. He was also offered and sponsored by The Golden Rule Barber Co. to style his hair for some of his shows, and so did ZAB Collection for his outfit. Later in March, his debut single, You & Me, was released in two languages; English and Malay. It became quite the staple on the list of songs playing on national radio station Ria 89.7fm. The song managed to gain attention from local radio listeners and abroad too. The official music video in Malay was released about a month later.

In April, a local Malay newspaper Berita Harian published a full-page article on Rahmat Damansari and his family sharing their music experiences and tips. It was also given a front page introduction. Why a family article? Because his parents were in a Javanese Symphonic Metal band, Kraton, and given their past experiences in performing and headlining in the many towns and provinces in Indonesia. They are no stranger to Singapore Malay music scene and also the underground scene. His younger brother, Inflake, released a full-length EDM album prior to Rahmat Damansari's debut single called A Distant Memory while his younger sister who is not in the music scene loves to write stories and aspire to become a writer.

In May that year, he was invited to sing two songs in a duet with 90s Malaysian popster, Siti Nordiana in a Ramadan show at Wisma Geylang Serai. That was another milestone for his journey.

After his 10-day Community Service trip to Nepal, his 2nd single was released; Jatuh Cinta in Malay while In Love With You in English. This song was in various list of recommendations on Spotify, reviewed and recommended by Hear65sg, Bandwagon Asia and also local English newspaper, The Strait Times. Music video for this single was only released earlier this year.

It was during his 2-weeks vacation with the family in December that he was called up by the organizer of StereoSearch to participate in the competition and also a producer from national TV station, Suria (Mediacorp) to appear on a variety show, Manja, upon returning home. 

In the competition, he had to sing in cafes for audition and preliminary rounds. He sang his own song, Jatuh Cinta throughout the competition and sang another one of his originals, You & Me for the Grand Finals that saw him crowned as champion and will be performing at StereoFest, sharing the stage with regional artists like Noah, Judika, Jaz, Ayda Jebat and Ismail Izzani. He is currently working hard on a couple of new songs and they are definitely something to look forward to.

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Launching Party - a Gagasan series 

Launch Party - a Gagasan series

Organised by Kraton Music Publishing & Arts and supported by Perkamus.

Digital Media partner: Fracas TV

Venue: LePak at Rayz

Date: 5th May 2018

The event was well attended and was estimated to be close to 100 pax that evening and the response was good that many guests are asking us to continue with this initiative where a group of new and fresh artists are introduced and also to launch their products under one roof in a single event which will save them the hassle of travelling places and time commitment. On top of that, they get to know new artists they had probably hears on the radio but never knew how they look like or for some instances, not knowing of their existence in the malay music scene.

The event saw Ria's Aura Shai and also Suria' Zaharian Osman as invited guests. Among others were local music procution houses, songwriters and artists.Cikgu Yusnor Ef started the event with a speech talking about how important it is to support this new generation of artists and that the newer artists also should play a part to provide quality wile maintaining themselves to not ne too expensive in the market to avoid 'doors' slamming on them.

The show was opened by young singer/songwriter Rahmat Damansari singing his own composition, You & Me. Aura Shai was asked by emcee, Rosley Jimaen about Rahmat's performance, she believes that Rahmat has the cut to make it given his appearance, catchy modern song and his style of singing.

Next up was Hazrul Haziq, currently rising in popularity with his debut single, Biarkan Berlalu which currently on Ria 89.7Fm's Top 20 charts for 11 weeks. The audience sang along to the chorus.

Life Petal then took the mic to promote their latest work, Jiwa Ramadan, in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan written by Life Petal's Luqman Hakim and Iskandar Jeff with lyrics by Mohd Khair Mohd Yasin. Boy Botak was featured as the guest singer in this song.

Fun came along with the presence of Deffi rapping to his hit song, Iyalah, which is also on Ria's Top 20 charts for over 12 weeks. The crowd sang along and laughed at his jokes which really lighten the mood.

Mai Dhaniyah is definitely a vocal powerhouse to look out for. Although down with flu, she gave her best to mesmerise the guests with her melodious voice through her latest release, Pasir Berbisik followed by her previous single Kasih. Both songs were written by Faizal Sapuan.

The highlight of the evening was Nurizwan Azmi with the release of his EP, Kita Tak Sama. It was magic when his emotional singing style and his unique guitar works came together belting out songs from the EP such as Kita Tak Sama, Hujan and his hit debut single, Euforia Sementara, which got the crowd to sing the songs together with him. Many felt the melancholy feeling he portrayed in his compositions and performance. Nurizwan was backed up on guitars by Fred who is also the co-producer of his EP.

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Nurizwan Azmi's Kita Tak Sama EP #34 Deezer 

Kita Tak Sama, the 4-track EP by the controversial Nurizwan Azmi is at #34 on Deezer Top 300 Malaysia's All Genres Release Chart today!

Listen to the EP here: 

Spotify - iTunes - Deezer

Also available on all major digital stores. 

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Gagasan Strategic Music Marketing & Branding Workshop 2 

Last November, we had a good discussion at Gagasan Strategic Music Marketing & Branding Workshop 2 held on a Sunday at Link@AMK.

Although the turnout was smaller than the first one, rest assured that all important topics of the day were opened on the table to be scrutinised, evaluated and dismantled.

Guest speakers on that day spoke on:

- Develop Your Brand and Market bySyaheed, Head of Trade Marketing (Asia Pacific) and Country Manager (Singapore/Malaysia)Believe Distribution Services

- Realising and Pushing Your Brand byArt Fazil, International Artist and Songwriter at Moro Records

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Artists and music companies discussed possibilities at Gagasan Workshop  

The speakers and participants in a group photo.

On 13th May 2017, group of artistes and music companies came together at a workshop to discuss possible marketing strategies and to have a clearer understanding in the concept of branding.

The event which started at 10am, saw guest speakers motivational coach and commercial expert, Ms June Ho (RiteOnCourse) talked about creating unique  brands in the entertainment business, Head of Trade Marketing for Asia Pacific, Mr Syaheed (Believe Distribution Services) shared his insights and strategies on digital music marketing and Mediacorp Radio (Malay Unit) Executive Music Director Mr Burhanudin Buang shed some light in the radio industry where he touched on quality aspect of a production and managing expectations. The moderator for the morning session, singer/songwriter Mr Aqmal N, also gave his tips on how to go about for application of grants and funds in Singapore.

The participants were very interested in all topics covered by the speakers but most questions raised from the floor were about the issue of funds where not only Mr Aqmal replied to their queries but Mr Syaheed also shared his knowledge as the vice-president of SGMUSO (Singapore Music Society) on this topic.

The afternoon session resumed with the first activity: MIND MAP. During this activity, the participants were asked to discuss about their action and concern for the three main topics; Marketing, Branding and Commercial Music.

Then the group proceeded to SWOT Analysis where they were divided into two groups to share the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats that Singapore's music scene is facing. From the analysis, we found out that there are indeed common advantages and disadvantages that this music scene is facing.

World Café came soon after. They were divided into 3 groups and these groups will have to go table to table every 10 mins to discuss different topics. From this activity, it was indeed clear that given any differences and circumstances, these group of artists, activists and music business represenatives are willing to work together and compromise on one ultimate goal and that is to excel in the music business.

At the end of these activities, the participants collectively agreed on various issues and some of them are:

  • lack of artist representation here in Singapore especially for those from the Malay scene.
  • geographical size and population of the country makes it more manageable 
  • marketing approach should be more target specific rather than one size fits all measure

We also received encouraging feedbacks from this workshop:

Aqmal N (Singer/Songwriter/Producer) "It was a great experience to share and gain knowledge with other musicians, producers and industry experts. Hope to attend more programs such as this in the near future."

Nana Karia (Singer) "Eye-opening and enlightening. Valuable info about the music industry shared and discussed with many SWOTs acknowledged and addressed. Looking forward to the next one!"

Burhanudin Buang (Songwriter/producer/Exec Music Director of Mediacorp Radio)  "A landmark workshop, empowering, inspiring and educational."

Amyr Abadawn (Nangbotinang Records/Voz Management) "Thank you so much for the knowledge & to the organiser. We really learn a lot today."

Malon (Songwriter/Producer/Qudra Music Publishing) "Valuable advice and insights from the professionals. The sharing of experiences, explanations, bereaucracy and concerns among artists that the industry is facing are eye-opening. More sessions like this is much needed."

Syawal Ziyad (Songwriter/Producer/Sallys Music Production) "Great start for the Malay Music Community, at least. Finally possibly a game changing workshop. Looking forward to more series like this."

Adha Bhumiband (Singer/Songwriter) "It was a great initiative from the organising committee. The workshop was packed with knowledge for our musicians and artist. The speakers gave precise information to those attended. The 'openness' during the Q&A was great. Those attended are able to share their challenges and seek advise from the panel. On a personal note, the time for the speaker could be extended and same goes to the Q&A session. The workshop should be more often. It have benefited me with great knowledge about the Singapore music industry. It is a Music Business hence in business we need knowledge to run it."

Olly (Songwriter/Voz Management) "The workshop was so interesting and informative that I have no issues with the workshop going longer for days." 

Head of Trade Marketing of Believe Distribution Services, Mr Syaheed providing insights.

Everyone is paying close attention to the Executive Music Director of Mediacorp Radio (Malay Unit) Mr Burhanudin Buang.

Handing out certificates of participation to all.

Mind Map excercise.

Brainstorming for actions to be taken on the concerns raised.

Reviewing of SWOT Analysis from both camps.

World Café starts now.

World Café discusses topics like  Branding, Marketing and Commercial Music.

Ideas shared.

Debates were healthy and progressive.

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GAGASAN - Strategic Music Marketing & Branding Workshop 

GAGASAN - Strategic Music Marketing & Branding Workshop

Time: 10 am to 4 pmDate: 13 May 2017

Location: COMPASS 60 Paya Lebar Road, #12-48, Paya Lebar Square, 409051 (Paya Lebar MRT - Paya Lebar Square Mall)

Organised by: Kraton Music Publishing.

Supported by COMPASS Singapore.

Topics at the Workshop:

Quality Production in Commercial Music by Mr Burhanudin Buang - Executive Music Director of Mediacorp Malay Radio and prolific metal musician with 25 years of music and production experience.

Online Marketing and Distribution by Mr Shaheed Isahak - Head of Trade Marketing (Asia Pacific) of Believe Digital Distribution and Vice-Chairman of Singapore Music Society.

Branding/Creative Communications by June Ho - Motivational Coach and Founder of Rite On Course. 

Roundtable Discussion

Moderator: Aqmal N

Other engaging activities; in focus with the relevant topics covered:

Mind Mapping Activity, Swot Analysis and World Cafe

We look forward to have you share your innovative ideas at the workshop with us and importantly, to build a wider network with Singaporean musicians and artists alike. 

For further enquiries, please email to 

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Kraton Music Publishing Picks 2 Lucky Winners 

After a string of successful shows such as Soundclash 3, Rockin' The Hood 1 & 2 and Gagasan (Season 1 & 2), Kraton Music Publishing is giving away a 2D1N Junior Suite stay to 2 lucky winners at a notable hotel in Batam, Indonesia as a way to say thank you to those ever involved with us.

The draw is set to take place on Sunday, 20th November 2016 via 'Facebook Live' on our FB Page at 9pm.

We encourage all participating artistes and bands to stay tune and witness the live feed as we announce the two lucky winners.

We would like to say thank you for the support and we wish everyone the best in their future endeavours and good luck.

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Gagasan (Season 2) - Final Episode 

Last Sunday on 6 November 2016 saw the last episode of Gagasan Season 2 where Srilangsuir and neo-classical rock powerhouse, Raven, rocked the crowd that evening. We would like to thank all the bands and solo artistes involved in all the episodes of Gagasan.

Many are looking forward for the next season of Gagasan to take place.

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Cinta Satu - All About Bob featuring Raiha 

Here is a teaser of All About Bob's debut single Cinta Satu featuring Indonesian-based singer Raiha from Australia where the group shares their thought on this collaboration project between three countries.

The debut single is now available Singapore's radio stations Ria 89.7fm and Warna 94.2fm.

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