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Role of a Music Publisher

A publishing company deal and work with songwriters to promote their songs to its fullest potential and even market it to be use for a jingle, a movie soundtrack, for a campaign and many other possibilities.

A necessary and important service provided by the publisher is that of proper administration of musical compositions: registering copyrights, filing necessary information to mechanical and performing rights organizations, auditing record companies and other licensees, bookkeeping, negotiating licenses, and collecting royalties due.

Music publishing companies accomplish these goals in a number of different ways. Some publishing companies are extremely hands-on and are willing to get involved in everything from the creative process to marketing and promotion.

 At Kraton Music Publishing & Arts, we have always believe in a pro-active process to further harvest the creativity and talent of our songwriters.For instance, many publishing companies have a person or department devoted to providing feedback to songwriters regarding their work, making suggestions for new directions to be made and even matching songwriters up for collaborative efforts that may produce interesting results.

Companies that get intensely involved in these creative processes are also the ones who tend to be significantly pro-active when it comes to placing their songwriters' work and soliciting new opportunities for their rosters.

We look forward to have a good business relationship between songwriters and publisher with mutual understanding and respect.

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