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Gagasan - Batu & Guling (Final Episode) 

Gagasan is a monthly episode started in Feb 2015 dedicated to solo artists and bands from Singapore Malay music scene, especially those with new releases on radio. It saw many familiar household names in the Malay music scene such as Jumali SanoTri, Juffri, Kraton, Shafyre,Klutz, Man Toyak, Iman's League, Rancour, Nana Karia, Virus Cinta, T.J, Zaibaktian and many more. Now with 2015 coming to an end, Gagasan's final episode, Batu & Guling (loose translation of Rock & Roll in Bahasa) will see the promising and energetic band, Outcry, the fuse of soul and rock in Life Petal and a display of heaviness and essence of how old school heavy metal should sound Dukunz & Friends.

What: Gagasan - Batu & Guling (Final Episode)

When: Sunday 1st November 2015 , 4-6pm

Where: Wee Lee Music Centre (BMC Bedok)

Who: Dukunz & Friends 

Outcry -

Life Petal -

Tickets: $10 each