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Launching Party - a Gagasan series 

Launch Party - a Gagasan series

Organised by Kraton Music Publishing & Arts and supported by Perkamus.

Digital Media partner: Fracas TV

Venue: LePak at Rayz

Date: 5th May 2018

The event was well attended and was estimated to be close to 100 pax that evening and the response was good that many guests are asking us to continue with this initiative where a group of new and fresh artists are introduced and also to launch their products under one roof in a single event which will save them the hassle of travelling places and time commitment. On top of that, they get to know new artists they had probably hears on the radio but never knew how they look like or for some instances, not knowing of their existence in the malay music scene.

The event saw Ria's Aura Shai and also Suria' Zaharian Osman as invited guests. Among others were local music procution houses, songwriters and artists.Cikgu Yusnor Ef started the event with a speech talking about how important it is to support this new generation of artists and that the newer artists also should play a part to provide quality wile maintaining themselves to not ne too expensive in the market to avoid 'doors' slamming on them.

The show was opened by young singer/songwriter Rahmat Damansari singing his own composition, You & Me. Aura Shai was asked by emcee, Rosley Jimaen about Rahmat's performance, she believes that Rahmat has the cut to make it given his appearance, catchy modern song and his style of singing.

Next up was Hazrul Haziq, currently rising in popularity with his debut single, Biarkan Berlalu which currently on Ria 89.7Fm's Top 20 charts for 11 weeks. The audience sang along to the chorus.

Life Petal then took the mic to promote their latest work, Jiwa Ramadan, in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan written by Life Petal's Luqman Hakim and Iskandar Jeff with lyrics by Mohd Khair Mohd Yasin. Boy Botak was featured as the guest singer in this song.

Fun came along with the presence of Deffi rapping to his hit song, Iyalah, which is also on Ria's Top 20 charts for over 12 weeks. The crowd sang along and laughed at his jokes which really lighten the mood.

Mai Dhaniyah is definitely a vocal powerhouse to look out for. Although down with flu, she gave her best to mesmerise the guests with her melodious voice through her latest release, Pasir Berbisik followed by her previous single Kasih. Both songs were written by Faizal Sapuan.

The highlight of the evening was Nurizwan Azmi with the release of his EP, Kita Tak Sama. It was magic when his emotional singing style and his unique guitar works came together belting out songs from the EP such as Kita Tak Sama, Hujan and his hit debut single, Euforia Sementara, which got the crowd to sing the songs together with him. Many felt the melancholy feeling he portrayed in his compositions and performance. Nurizwan was backed up on guitars by Fred who is also the co-producer of his EP.