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Age is an advantage for Inflake

He started his interest in music production when he was 13 years old on Garageband on his iPhone 5 and it blossomed from there. Inflake, at 15 years old, became the youngest songwriter and artiste for KMPA when he released his debut album, A Distant Memory in March 2019 and the response from his friends and fans of EDM around the world was simply amazing and inspired him to create more. He is also one of KMPA’s most aggressively progressive songwriter in the music production department. He went on to co-produced more work with several music enthusiasts and engineers including with his brother Rahmat Damansari for Rahmat Damansari's debut single, You & Me.

In August that year, the young man was turning 16 when he decided to drop his first single since the album. The song, For You became an instant favourite among EDM enthusiasts and even went on to have its own EP release filled with 5 remixes from independent international DJs and producers at the end of the year 2019 which included Vinzere who had worked with major EDM artist San Holo's label, Bitbird before. This became a huge milestone for Inflake and evidently, more people started following his IG and subscribed to his YouTube channel. 

On Halloween that year, in October, Inflake released Witchcraft, another single and a treat to go along with the festive. Since the releases of For You and Witchcraft, many saw the music maturity in Inflake as he rose among the ranks and built his network which he made to good use like starting a podcast programme and featured EDM artistes such as Myrne and Duumu. If before this, he was on the newspaper together with his family of musicians, sharing experiences, it was during this period too that he got his full page article on the newspaper, Berita Harian, where he talked about his motivation to do music seriously at a very young age and also shared his personal stories. His work, For You was also positively reviewed by Singapore's Hear65sg. 

On 14th of February 2020, Valentine's Day, Inflake dropped another bomb with a collaboration work with American independent artiste, Noahheim. It's called Your Love. This song was aired on Singapore's radio station, Ria 89.7fm. Given the genre of his songs, it is a challenge for EDM to be on pop-dominated mainstream radio but he did it. This song was also reviewed by Myrne and Duumu on two separate occasions and both mentioned about how Inflake have matured in terms of his songwriting and technicality in his production. Myrne even went on to highlight about how Inflake beat the odd by applying a certain technique to his snares/beats for the single, Your Love. 

The year 2020 will surely be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic but for Inflake and his network of international friends, it is also a year to remember of their first collaboration in organizing and hosting an online 8-hours electronic dance music fest, Nolence Festival on Twitch.TV. This was the brainchild of Inflake with the support of his group of musician friends. The event was a success of its own. Given his age, he can afford to do more and to provide his best from the lessons he is learning along the road.